Provide a recreational soccer scheduling league for organizations in the Mecklenburg county area.
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 Tournament Rule


  • Game playing time:  U14 division 2 x 35 minutes. HS division 2 x 40 minutes


  • Sub on own throw-ins, any goal kick or after any goal.


  • Yellow card: Player receiving card must leave the field until the next opportunity to sub back into the game.


  • +1 Rule will not apply for the tournament. If a team is short on players, the opponent is allowed to keep field 11 player on the pitch.


  • Blowout Rule: If a team goes up by 5 goals, the team ahead should remove one player.  For each additional goal scored to increase the goal differential, the team ahead must remove another player for each additional goal.


  • High School Divisions: See the Eligibility tab for more details.


  • During the tournament, no more than three out of season players are permitted on the field at the same time.


  • During the High School Girls tournament, no more than three school players permitted on the field at the same time.


  • Only your rostered players are eligible to participate in the tournament.  No guest players are permitted to play.


  • High School Girls: No more than three school players on the field at the same time.


  • No more than three out of season school players on the field at the same time.


  • If one team has less than 14 players, there will be a mandatory 2-minute water break at the 17 minute (15 minute for U14) mark unless the coach with the fewer players declines the break.  Clock continues to run.  Coaches still have the option of taking a water break (even if plenty of subs) if both coaches agree.


  • If both teams have the same uniform color, it is the home team's responsibility to wear pinneys that game. Both teams should make sure to always have pinneys with them.


  • If lightening is seen in the area or thunder heard, play should stop immediately. From the time of that strike, a minimum of thirty minutes must pass before play should resume. Each strike or thunder restarts the 30  minute countdown.


  • Both teams will be on the same side of the field. Fans will be on the opposite side of the field from the teams.


  • Sideline coaches will be limited to three per team.