Provide a recreational soccer scheduling league for organizations in the Mecklenburg county area.
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Welcome to MECKLENBURG AREA RECREATIONAL SOCCER (MARS).  MARS has a variety of rules and guidelines we ask everyone to observe to ensure a great experience for the coaches, fans, referees and especially the kids.  


MARS was founded to provide an opportunity to play recreational soccer.  While there is an End of Season Tournament, winning and competing for championships was not a goal in the creation of this league.

Please review the various tabs on this website.  This should help you to understand the philosophy of MARS.


Teams that play in MARS represent the following clubs:

  • CHAMPS (part of Calvary Church)
  • Charlotte Junior Soccer
  • Charlotte Soccer Academy
  • Harris YMCA
  • Mint Hill Athletic Association
  • Brace Family YMCA
  • Hope Soccer Ministries
  • Rocky River FC


All fields in the MARS League do not permit pets.  


Currently carded (i.e. challenge, classic, etc.) players are NOT allowed to participate in MARS.  However, in the high school divisions, we offer an exception to this rule in the non-club season.  See the Eligibility page on the web site for details on this rule.

The End of Season (EOS) tournament "usually" consists of a pool play tournament with teams advancing to an elimination (knock-out) round.  Depending on the number of teams participating in the EOS tournament as well as the perceived competition level, we design a tournament that will hopefully provide a successful format.  Seeding for the tournament is not necessarily based on the season standings.  This is in line with the MARS Rec league philosophy of reducing the emphasis on winning during the regular season. 

MARS clubs have always asked coaches, players, parents and fans to please be flexible and patient.  If something does not go as planned, please find a way to make the best of a difficult situation.  Rest assured we will do everything we can to remedy the situation and ensure it does not happen in the future.  Note the example we are setting for the kids (and their parents).  


If at any time, you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, you are welcome to email the league at .  Likewise, we encourage you to email the league if you observe any incidents that could be a cause for concern.


Thank you in advance for helping us to ensure a positive experience throughout the season.