Provide a recreational soccer scheduling league for organizations in the Mecklenburg county area.
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IMPORTANT: Coaches Contact Inforamtion

If you are new to coaching in MARS, or if your contact information has changed, PLEASE enter or renew your contact information for the by the first game week-end.

Click here to access that form.

Site Passwords

In order to insure you receive a password notification from this web site, please add the following addresses to your list of valid accounts:

YOU are responsible for insuring that these emails get through.

If you are having any trouble, please use the Feedback button on the left.

Game Reschedules

If you have missed any games so far this season, please use the contact information on the site to communicate with the opposing coaches and find a suitable time to replay the game.  The host club commissioner is responsible for confirming field availability - do not assume that the current MARS schedule reflects all games that may be scheduled on a given field.

If it is a U14 or High School game, please email the time and place to marsoccer at , and I will request referees.  If you are U12 or below, please insure that the host club is providing officals, then contact me with the new game time and location.